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Protecting Destinations: Culture & Biodiversity

Why do we travel? As well as meeting new people and getting out of our personal comfort zones, culture and biodiversity are two of the main reasons travellers choose to visit certain locations. Don’t you also enjoy witnessing the majestic

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Sleep for Peace – Wake up to a better world!

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are invited to share and celebrate #SleepforPeace with us! Why are we doing this? To start conversations: we wish to highlight the role of our hostels as safe places where cultures meet.

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Creating fair profit and network development

During this 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism, we have already shared many stories of environmental and social sustainability in the HI Hostels. Have you seen the stories of CO2 emissions reduction on our April blog post? Or maybe you felt inspired by the community

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Urban Adventures

5 reasons why HI members will love our friends from Urban Adventures

Hostelling International has partnered with Urban Adventures to offer HI members special rates on over 750 unique tours in 160 destinations around the world! What makes Urban Adventures so special and unique? Read our article to find out more about

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The Eco-Friendly Skies

If you’re like us, you try your best to live sustainably and make environmentally-friendly choices. By bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, using energy efficient light bulbs (that get turned off when not in use!), buying locally produced

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Engaging you, our guests

Summer is in full swing as we continue our journey in the 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism (…and beyond) campaign by looking at various ways of engaging YOU, our guests, in the sustainable progress of our HI Hostels around the world. Last month,

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whoa, that eclipse is amazing!

Great American Total Solar Eclipse

On 21 August, celestial enthusiasts and casual stargazers alike across parts of the U.S. will be treated to a total solar eclipse, the country’s first in 38 years. The total eclipse will be viewable from certain locations in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska,

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Our Communities – Giving back and building bridges

When did another month pass? Our journey in the 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism (…and beyond) campaign is passing by quickly but not without inspiring projects and activities going on in our HI Hostels. In June we had a

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4 months of the “Sustainable Tourism through Hostelling” campaign

The first 4 months of our Sustainable Tourism through Hostelling campaign have already passed, and during this time we’ve introduced inspiring projects from entire National Associations to individual hostels across the HI family. The topics we’ve covered so far include:  Consuming

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Our People – Caring for our staff and volunteers

Here comes another month in our journey of Sustainable Tourism through Hostelling. In May we looked at Mobility – Inclusive travel & stay, make sure you check out the link to see how HI Hostels around the world are tackling the

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