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Ross Castle in Killarney is a 15th century tower house that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.

8 pictures that will have you booking the next flight to Ireland

A trip to Ireland is like stepping into a fantasy world. So what is it that makes the Emerald Isle so special? Dramatic seaside cliffs, rolling green hills dotted with sheep as far as the eye can see, and 15th

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Barangaroo Reserve

The 10 Sydney experiences you can’t miss

DON’T LEAVE THE HARBOUR CITY WITHOUT TICKING THESE OFF YOUR BUCKET LIST . . . CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE Scale the iconic ‘coat hanger’ to enjoy jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the Harbour City. Book now with YHA! CHECK OUT THE

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Chasing Iceland’s Best Waterfalls

Iceland is growing more and more in popularity among tourists every year, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s an island of otherworldly beauty covered in glaciers that glitter blue in the light, 130 inactive and bubbling, smoldering

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Tokyo for Food Lovers

There are two types of travellers: those who travel to eat, and everybody else. Ask any dedicated globe-trotting foodie to list his or her favourite cities to eat in, and 9 times out of 10 (we just made that statistic up),

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Meet the winners!

Meet the 2017 HISF Competition winners!

It is with great pleasure, excitement and lots and lots of butterflies in our stomach that we present to you the winners of the 2017 HISF Competition! **Insert fireworks here** But first… THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE! Thank you for

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Why Japan Should Be at the Top of Your Travel Bucket List

Click here to listen to the HI! Japan podcast Ask any traveller what it is that inspires and motivates them to travel, and at some point, you’re sure to hear some version of a desire to push themselves out of

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Frederiksborg Castle

Hillerød – Copenhagen’s Green Neighbour

Just 30 minutes from the increasingly popular and cute as hell city of Copenhagen, you’ll find Hillerød, a small Danish city surrounded by lush forests and boasting a 17th-century castle. Hillerød offers the perfect taste of Denmark outside the country’s

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HI5 Logo

HI5 Awards! The best hostels of 2017, according to you

2017 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been! (Can you believe Salt Bae came into our lives in the first week of January?) While we’re busy attending holiday parties and shopping for presents, we look forward to

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How we celebrated the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism… through hostelling

Wow! Hasn’t this year just flown by? We hope you’ve been inspired just as much as we have been throughout our Sustainable Tourism through Hostelling campaign over the past 10 months.  Do you want to test how much you’ve learned

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Building Resilience in Our Organisation

Being one of the earliest examples of sustainable tourism (born in 1932), our mission continues to incorporate striving for responsible practices among our members; encouraging a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside; and an appreciation of the social and cultural values in

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