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(English) 77 Bombay Street YHA England & Wales tour this February

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 English のみです。

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あなたの知らない 5 つの大晦日の過ごし方


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スイスのインディーズバンド「77 Bombay Street」のユースホステルツアー

(English) November kicks off with live music in four German youth hostels.

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絶対に訪れるべき 13 のクリスマスマーケット

Enjoy our pick of top cities for Christmas markets this year.

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(English) Top festivals in Australia for 2015-2016

(English) Get a load of these festive treats.

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オクトーバーフェストの代わりに楽しめる 7 つのビアフェスティバル


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(English) A tour de France in food: Fête de la Gastronomie 2015

(English) You can expect something delicious in our France hostels for this foodie festival; from Normandy and Alsace, through to Paris, PACA, and the Pays Basque.

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Pedal bus - Martin Duggan

(English) The Carfree kind of cool: 5 cool green ways to get around

(English) Alternative eco transport around the world on International Carfree Day!

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(English) Germany hostels Hamburg & Kiel reach Olympic standards for sports groups

(English) Game on.

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HIBolivia_Glasses for all2

(English) Celebrating UN International Youth Day

(English) We’re all for engagement through the youth hostelling movement, and what a powerful tool that is.

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