(English) Our favourite things to do in Venice

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4 20, 2018

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We’ve been in Venice a lot, for stays as long as a few weeks. You can’t beat taking the No. 1 vaporetto (Venice public water bus) to and from Lido, the next large island just across the lagoon. Mostly just for the stunning trip, even if not to visit Lido itself. Stunning scenery, islands, passing barges and boats, distant mountain peaks and of course all the stops where the local Venetians climb on and off as the boat bobs on the lapping water. A great way to see ALL of Venice, from the water side as you pass it all by. Get on right at Venezia Santa Lucia (train stn) and off again at at the Lido stop. Lots of boats leave to return again every hour, so you get to stay as short or as long as you want.

Hostelling International
2018年06月26日 10:09

Love these tips, J Smith, thanks so much for sharing!


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