The best of French comfort food

February 07, 2017

It’s winter in Europe and with winter, comes the time to hit the snowy slopes of the French mountains. Stay in French Hi Youth Hostels at the heart of the Alps, Jura or Massif Central and get high on fresh air, good times and delicious local specialities. Discover the ultimate comfort food guide!


Star of rigorous winters, the Tartiflette combines golden potatoes, lardons and onions covered with cream and topped with melted, gratinated local cheese, the reblochon. Needless to say, eating Tartiflette at Hi Séez / Les Arcs or Hi Chamonix Youth Hostel is an authentic cultural experience!


Typical Savoyard specialty, this small square-shaped pasta made of buckwheat flour is very popular in the Tarentaise region, where Hi Séez / Les Arcs youth hostel is located. They are generally accompanied with diots a Savoyard sausage or in a croziflette at Hi Chamonix Youth Hostels. What is a croziflette, you ask? The sister of the tartiflette of course, where the crozets replace the potatoes!

Fondue savoyarde or Cheese fondue

The Alps are a farmland, sometimes called a “vast cheese plate”. The Savoyard fondue, very popular in France, combines three Savoy cheeses: Comté, Beaufort and Gruyère or Savoy Emmental. A culinary treat in which your pieces of bread swim delightfully. Try it at Hi Chamonix youth hostel or Hi Val Cenis youth hostel.


To continue your Savoyard gastronomic journey, you must try the Raclette. This Swiss – Savoy specialty is also cheese-based, not surprisingly this cheese is called Raclette and it’s accompanied with potatoes and local cured meats. Indulge at Hi Séez / Les Arcs and Hi Val Cenis youth hostels.

You will also find Matafan, fricassee of caïon with crozets, potée Savoyarde, potée auvergnate, hearty vegetable soup, Tomme cheese with peas or oignon, cheese soup, stuffed cabbage, farinade… And countless cheeses to delight your palet; Reblochon, Tomme de Savoie, Meule des Alpes, Abondance, Tomme au marc, Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert, Saint-Nectaire…

Finally, don’t forget to try a variety of sured meats, smoked ham and sausages, with nuts, hazelnuts, cheese, mushrooms…

Ask our hostel managers where to find all these treasures during your stay in the French Youth Hostels!

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