Shine Blue for Peace! – Sleep for Peace 2016

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September 09, 2016

Our hostels will undertake a serious makeover by turning blue to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Not only will we celebrate with you on the 21st of September, but we decided to make it last and stretch the party until the 27th of September (We’ve been given a day; we took a week ;)!)

What is #Sleepforpeace?        –         Why so blue?        –         Where to celebrate?

Watch the official Sleep for Peace video

(Want your post to be featured on the peace mosaic below? Easy peasy; just post with #Sleepforpeace)

What is #Sleepforpeace?

Sleep for Peace is a global initiative by Hostelling International since 2013; that reinforces the message that youth hostelling contributes to building peace on a day-to-day basis through the peace-building benefits of travel and intercultural understanding amongst young people at home and abroad.

YHA Australia - Adelaide Central The United Nations has designated the 21 September as the

International Day of Peace and the 27 September as World Tourism Day,

creating the ideal setting for Hostelling International

 and all its members to celebrate their year-long peace-building activities.

Hostelling International and all its members around the world will promote intercultural understanding, non-violence and sustainable tourism through a series of activities and events in Youth Hostels throughout the week of 21-27 September 2016. Whether it’s a peace-themed walk in the city, engaging in a discussion about peace over a shared meal, or simply getting to know another traveller whilst having a drink these programmes demonstrate how youth hostelling contributes to building peace and understanding by enabling quality interactions between people from all over the world through unique and authentic local experiences. We are even on the map (Search in Welwyn Garden City, UK)!

Why so blue?

To tie together the efforts taking place across the globe we will be adopting the shared theme of Shine Blue for Peace. The colour chosen is blue, as it is the symbolic colour of peace and the colour of the UN. Hostels are encouraged to creatively incorporate blue lights, outfits, decorations… throughout the hostel, in their programmes, and more. You are wearing blue on the 21st of September? Show us and post something with #Sleepforpeace to support the movement!

Where to celebrate?
(aka Give me an address now, I am en route. Seriously.)

See what is happening in HI hostels and how you can join the celebrations (you can also join the celebrations from the comfort of your living room)! Whatever you do, go blue! If you need more information about the events in hostels, don`t hesitate to contact them.


Adelaide Central YHA

A whole campfire scene will be recreated indoors, with live music, nice ambiance and snacks. Jump in!

Sydney Harbour YHA

On Friday, they’ll be setting up a “Peace Bed” on the terrace, with blue sheets and a white Peace Sign cover. Guests will be invited to colour in the Peace Sign throughout the day. You can also join in for a Peace-themed BBQ and a poetry slam. Peace-of-cake, anyone? Staff will be giving out free peace cupcakes!

Even the offices are getting involved, showing that peace is lived through our organisation: The Sydney office staff will be wearing blue on Wednesday as a way to celebrate Peace Day, together with a common lunch to eat and an inspirational programme after.


Ghent Hostel De Draecke

The hostel will make a public statement by turning blue and showing it to the local residents and passers-by. If you pass by, take your best selfie and share it to the world! 

De Blauwput

The hostel is calling for artists! Origami peace doves and a peace tree will be crafted in an activity to decorate and for you to write peace messages on.

De Zandpoort

From blue chocolate at breakfast, to blue cocktails and giant peace wall where guests can write down their support to peace, De Zandpoort will be lined with the spirit!


They will transform a night tour in the city in a shining blue tour, by having a group staying at their hostel wearing a blue cap and exposed to the Sleep for Peace message. 

Hostel H

The hostel will be decorated with the blue spirit, supporting the international movement!


Hostels in Brazil will be showing support through social media channels: Peace, love and share!


For every overnight in participating hostels (+ than 25), $1 will be donated to the Fondation Tourisme Jeunesse – Youth Travel Foundation, which offers grants to young people to realise a project combining education and travel. Aw, good hearted people!)


Test your knowledge about peace in a special Peace Trivia!

HI-Vancouver Central & HI-Vancouver Downtown

There will be bedsheets in the hallway where guests can trace their hand and draw something inside it that represents their country. A draw to win a night in a private room will take place: you only need to take a photo of it and post it on the hostel`s social media with #Sleepforpeace ! Easy, eh?


Let your peaceful message flow: All day there will be a large space where guests can write their message of peace. A free Wine & Cheese event will be waiting for you later on. Cheers to Peace!


A flavour festival for you: Multicultural Potluck dinner followed by smores around the campfire.


This hostel will host a Community Board to share ideas, prayers for peace and words of wisdom, as well as a meditation session. It`s all about inner peace and dialogue. 

HI-Niagara Falls

The hostel will have small puzzles at the hostel from 21 to 27 to try, Sustainable Human, to share travellers’ ideas that can help to behave more sustainable when travelling. Give it a go!

HI Toronto

The famous Cavern Bar will be serving blue drinks during dinner and breakfast downstairs while the front desk will turn blue.

HI-Calgary City Centre

Free (!) Pasta night followed by a movie about Peace. There’s something about a good meal and a movie night!


Costa Rica

Vista Serena

A peace-themed welcome goodies for guests; “family” dinner/bbq on the 21st; mangrove boat tour for all guests interested free of cost fo explore one of the unique, often overlooked, eco systems of the area; peace-themed photo station, gallo pinto for peace! (costa rican communal breakfast/cooking tutorial): That is a whole themed programme waiting for you!


Because the blue wave is active in our whole network, offices are also taking part! The office in Finland decided to have a Sleep for Peace special offer: the silk sleeping bags offered online on will be reduced in price, for you to sleep peacefully :)


Auberge de Jeunesse HI Marseille Bonneveine

Selfie booth’ by the bar with posters for guests to be creative!

Auberge de Jeunesse HI Lille


Take part of the bed selfies marathon organised in the hostels below: strike your best pose and share it on social media to show your support to Sleep for Peace movement 


Glendalough International

Go Explore

Dublin International (a movie night here as an extra!)

Rowan Tree

All hostels mentioned above in Ireland, plus Cashel Holiday , Ben Lettery Connemara Hostel , Errigal – Co Donegal YHA , Killarney International , Cong Co Mayo YHA ,

will be collecting fund for the international charity GOAL. Let`s talk about giving-back-kind of tourism.


HI Haifa, HI Akko & HI Peki’in will be inviting you to 3 guided tours on the topic of “Coexistence of Religions”. Really inspiring and meaningful.


We believe in the happy mix of Peace and Sun. Mexico, anyone?

Mexico City 


Northern Ireland

Belfast Hostel & Head Office staff will be showing their support to the cause by dressing up in blue.


Oslo Haraldsheim

Take part in a big dinner for neighbours and guests on the 21st of September, with the theme “PEAS for Peace”. The hostel will present the new Urban Garden initiative at the same time. On September 22, you can also participate in the annual “Along the River” walk in Oslo, where the whole river is surrounded by candles, concerts and artwork. Don`t miss out! 


All 42 hostels in Portugal decided to join the movement by spreading the news through a special Sleep for Peace postcard! Staff will have them for you and you’ll be able to send them to your beloved ones (together with a discount of 25% to use until 31 of December!). Spread the message and participate in this chain of good.


Hostel Tresor Ljubljana

Get your groove on for a music event under blue disco lights.

Hostels Pekarna, pod Voglom, Marenberg, Bovec, Histria, Panorama Portoroz, Brezice, Murska Sobota, Punkl, Debeli rtic, and Celje will all get in the movement and have a place for you to let free and write down your peace message during your stay at the hostel.

South Africa

Coffee Shack

The weekly Tuesday night theme party with dress up prizes and games on 27th September will be themed “Shine Blue for Peace”. There will also be a board in the bar for everyone to write “Peace” in their home language, encouraging conversation around the theme, understanding, repect and tolerance of other cultures.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai HostelSharjah Hostel & Fujairah Hostel are preparing for huge celebrations in cooperation with different organisations and government departments in the country, highlighting important values of Justice, Success, Loyalty and Sustainability. Staff, visitors and locals will be invited in the festivities.

United States

Our friends from the United States are putting up a real show with so many of their hostels taking part in the movement and organising meaningful events:

HI Boston

An inspiring “Peace Panel” is organised in collaboration with UNICEF and United Nations Association of Greater Boston. Panelists include The Peace Corps, Boston GLOW, UNICEF and Partners in Health. The unveiling of HI Boston Peace Pole and window decals will also happen (“May Peace Prevail on Earth” painted in 7 languages chosen by diversity and to include local native American Wampanoag language) A blue spotlight will shine on peace pole throughout the week.

HI Hyannis

Poetry Slam from “The Classics Company”, Free entry to the JFK Museum (Coupons created and printed by JFK Musuem Operations Director) & evening reception of “The Day After Peace”. 

HI Nantucket

Staff members are preparing an event called “Reiki for Peace”. Intrigued? Come over and see what happens! 

HI Richmond

21: Showing of the movie “A Map for Saturday”, followed by a discussion about travel
22: The first in a series of Open Houses for HIRVA this fall
22-23: Get comfy for a 48 hours movie marathon : Meryl Streep 4 Peace!
24: Take part in the Virginia Pride (which takes place just a few blocks from the hostel), wave your rainbow flags and contribute to the rainbow poster by writing down your answer to the question “What do you do for Peace?”
26: Bill Harrison, the ED of a local nonprofit., Diversity Richmond, will speak at HIRVA about peace and tolerance in Richmond; a light reception to follow
27: The hostel will host the first in a series of overnight programmes for college students, “Hostelling 101″ where they introduce students to hostelling and safe travel tips.

HI Chicago

Chicago has a whole lot planned: Peace Conference with activities each day of the week to include: spoken word performance by community members who will share what they do for peace, community meal in partnership with during which diners will discuss what they do for peace, yoga workshop, community neighbourhood outing, film screening of “Human”, outing to a blues club with blue glow sticks, bunk bed in lobby of hostel where guests can write their dreams of peace, and the Portraits of Humanity photography exhibition and contest.

HI Austin

HI Austin will be hosting a Peace Corps Backyard Story Telling on 9/11/16. Attend for a meaningful experience. 

HI Houston: The Morty Rich Hostel

The hostel is going full on blue to make a place for reflection about peace.

HI Lucas Malabar Farm

You can take part in “International Peace Exchange” cork board. Ohio writers will contribute thoughts, wishes, and/or dreams for the board on little slips of paper, and you are invited to do the same.

HI Madison

Guests and community members will be welcome to attend a presentation and share thoughts with Veterans For Peace.

HI Mississippi Headwaters Hostel

The hostel is going full on blue to make a place for reflection about peace.

HI Eastham Mid-Cape

HI Martha`s Vineyard

How not to feel peaceful after sharing pancakes with fellow travellers? Pancakes for Peace? Yes please! 

HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse

In partnership with the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club, the Lighthouse is inviting you to an activity of stargazing for Peace.

Hi Point Reyes

HI Portland Hawthorne and HI Portland Northwest

A dynamic shared programme between two hostels: take part in the 2nd Annual Bike for Peace ride, attend a film screening “Rising From Ashes”, nod your head and stomp your feet to live music by DJ Anjali (Portland’s 2016 “best DJ”)

HI Sacramento

The hostel will be hosting a Bike In Movie Season Finale (Land Before Time), a hostel BINGO (With areas/squares focused around guests and community members), will organise a special Sleep for Pieces, a puzzle that guests will have to fill during a shared dinner with pieces received upon arrival… They are ready and waiting for you!  

HI San Francisco City Center

A whole week of activities, right in the centre of San Francisco:

21: Curry Without Worry… Count me in!
22: Day: Interfaith Scavenger Hunt Night: a concert fundraiser for Outdoor Hostel Adventure Educational Program with live bands, art, and partnership with DNA Lounge /
23: A hostel pub crawl with a peace twist / “Potions for Peace” activity center
24: Never Sleep Again: elm street No Sleep for Peace movie marathon

HI San Francisco Downtown

What about a full programme with exercise, music, food, drink and education?

Tuesday will be a “Peace Ride” (A bike ride through the City and across the Golden Gate Bridge.), Wednesday you’ll be invited to join the Interfaith Scavenger Hunt and a concert fundraiser for OHA with live bands, art, and partnership with DNA Lounge, Thursday is a communal dinner Pasta for Peace followed by the famous tri-hostel peace pub crawl, Friday is free Pizza and a viewing of the documentary “Peace One Day”, about the origins on the International Day of Peace.

HI Sausalito Marin Headlands

The celebrations will start as soon as on the Sunday 18th with a BBQ. Stay tuned for a programme throughout the week with the California Costal Commission.

HI Seattle at the American Hotel

21: Yoga Class 4 Peace
23: Peace Corps information session
24: Peace Potluck hosted in partnership with the Seattle Cookbook Club (
The hostel will also host a screening of the movie “He Named Me Malala”

HI Harper`s Ferry

Join in a Peace Hike to Maryland Heights completed with BBQ dinner, a Blue Peace Bonfire and Smores. 

HI Baltimore

HI Washington DC

Peace themed tours, events, online competition and conference will be running the capital. 

Take a tour of the DC Iconic Peace Buildings, which include the World Bank, IMF and the US Institute of Peace. You can also join a special Diplomacy Tour, which features DC embassy row in Dupont Circle. Tour leaders will give you all the facts you need about UN Peace Day and the S4P Campaign. A full Cuban band will be performing and you will be invited to a salsa dance workshop (Azucar!). On the 26th of September, international meals and BBQ will be organised for you to be fulfilled with peace and good vibes and good food. A Facebook peace photo contest will take place from the 21st to the 30th of September. The 6th annual peace conference will be held on October 1st, under the theme of Social Challenges in 2016: Building Alliances with Marginalized Communities in DC. In fact, the event aims to raise awareness about socio-economic challenges and inequalities that marginalized communities. To propose solutions to these socio-economic challenges, the 2nd session of the conference will highlight the key role that alliance, civic engagement and intercultural exchange play in community peacebuilding. As for last year, the conference will be held at the Washington Center.

HI Los Angeles Santa Monica

HI San Diego Downtown

HI San Diego Point Loma

HI New York City

This September 2016, HI NYC will be hosting a first Youth Peace Conference! Everyone knows New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world – but the reality is that it’s often one of the more segregated cities as well – particularly in many of its schools. On Friday September 16- Sunday September 18th, thirty young New Yorkers will come together at the HI NYC hostel to participate in a series of workshops that will help them build confidence, communication skills, and storytelling tools – to start building a more peaceful world.

HI Wellspring

HI Eagle

Celebrate from your living room (or anywhere else, really)

Prefer a night in? Why not invite some friends around for a few Sleep for Peace activities from the comfort of your kitchen and living room:


Be part of the international #Sleepforpeace mosaic

Global peace can be achieved through simple daily actions. We want you to show us how you contribute to peace by answering this simple question: What do you do for peace? Let us know by posting a picture, a tweet, a status or a video of how you promote peace. Your post will appear on our Sleep for Peace mosaic if you use the hashtag #SleepForPeace. Let everyone be inspired by your actions, small or big!


Cook a multi-national meal

Join culinary forces with friends and cook up a feast from different parts of the world. You may pick up a tip or a new favourite dish. Send us pictures of your 5 stars meal


Make origami birds

Originating from the story of Sadako Sasaki, an origami crane is a commonly known as a symbol for world peace and has recently become the universal symbol of the UN’s International Day of Peace. Fold yourself an origami crane to show your support for cultural tolerance – or why not fold a whole flock!


For a full list of Sleep for Peace activities around the world, click here. Get the peace talk flowing with the rest of the world using #SleepForPeace.

Sleep for Peace is trademarked by Hostelling International.

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