Vote for HI in the WYSE Global Travel Award for ‘Best Youth Accommodation Provider’

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July 31, 2015

Our story as a global youth accommodation network spans over 100 years, way back before budget travel was a rite of passage.

Still, in 2015, we work with Youth Hostel Associations all over the globe to make sure both the young, and young at heart, can see the world without it costing the earth. From eco-friendly initiatives, to worldwide exchange competitions, we build bridges and help you to travel differently, bringing you value which extends way beyond a bed for the night.


A few of many reasons to vote for us:

  • We’ve got the history: forever young, but with decades of valuable experience in helping create unique travel experiences
  • We’ve got one-of-a-kind hostels in all the right places: everyone loves a quirky dorm room, a boutique new-build or a heritage retreat. From medieval English castles to slick Spanish design digs, we choose our places wisely.
  • We support and promote sustainable tourism: staying in a Youth Hostel of the HI network means meeting like-minded travellers and giving back to the local community. Our commitment to having a positive impact on people, the environment and the economy has been in our roots since the creation of youth hostelling. Our website is designed to help green travellers to identify our hostels with the best environmental credentials, or donate a small amount to support hostel projects that reduce CO2 emissions
  • Membership makes budget youth travel a breeze: we offer 10% discount on accommodation worldwide to members of Hostelling International. Add eMembership to your booking, and start saving money on your overnight, with plenty of great local offers available too.

Please help us by voting ‘Hostelling International’ in the ‘Best youth travel accommodation’ section. It only takes a minute: 


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