The dream dorm: best bunkmates and destinations

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July 09, 2015

We asked the HI team what would make their perfect hostel experience – from their best bunkmates to their ideal destinations. 

Ingredients for the perfect dorm

Blogger and globetrotter Jono Cusack:  

The Kid Who Just Came From the Airport

You can almost smell how fresh they are. Everything they own is so pristine compared to all your filthy possessions laying on your backpack. They haven’t travelled before, and have no idea how important it is to scrimp and save every last penny. So in walks the kid, in both arms is a bottle of Duty Free Jagermeister and Pringles for dinner. Best part is, they’re more than willing to share.

The One Who’s Up For Anything

These guys are definitely going to come across as obnoxious, but all this person is about is ‘good times’. They know how to say party in fourteen different languages and are going to get the whole damn dorm pumping. What is for certain, sometime around 3am you’re going to be arm in arm and declare your undying love for each other.


Jono with Sanchez, the Puerto Rican chess champion in Madrid, Spain.

The One Who’s Been There Before

There comes a time when things just get way too difficult. Whether you’re crossing the border from Jordan to Israel, or trying to get out of Costa Rica and into Nicaragua, you’re going to need the one who’s been there before.

The Puerto-Rican Chess Champion

Nothing they say will make sense, oh they speak your language, but their jokes are so far beyond, or behind, you. Their life is the complete and total polar opposite of yours, and you’re going to be talking about them for years.

The One Who Makes You Look Good

No matter how bad it gets, there is always someone who’s having a much worse time. It’s almost as if everything that could go wrong for them, does go wrong. They’ve lost their backpack, spilt coffee on their MacBook and contracted more than one disease. Kind of makes you feel like that one hour bus delay isn’t so bad at all!

Our top choices at the HI office:  


I’d stay at Kadir’s Yörük Top Tree House because who didn’t want to stay in a tree house growing up? Plus the atmosphere looks great! I’d bunk up with Jim Carrey. The man is a nut and would have me laughing the whole time. We’d explore the ruins and the beach and socialise with fellow travellers (with Jim as my comedic drinking partner!)

Alex: 10511113_10152542247361912_1117843764644240716_n

I’d have to go for Reykjavik – Loft Hostel, sit on the roof terrace and watch the Northern Lights with my dorm mates Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington, for the humour and ridiculous cultural observations. Then I’d explore Iceland’s volcanic beyond with Merchant, and leave Pilkington behind to moan. Iceland is one of those magical places I’ve been dreaming about visiting for years.


I’d stay at Salvador – F Design Hostel, Brazil because the hostel looks great, ‘social hosting’ as they call it is at the heart of their concept and Brazil is one my dream destinations! I can imagine a local capoeira teacher taking me under his wing and showing me around. We’d meet up with his friends and family to have grilled fish on the beach sipping caipirinhas to the sound of a smooth bossa novaParadise on earth!


I’d pick Sydney Harbour where you have the best view of the city, with history beneath your feet. I’d share some time with my grandma, who was taken way too early.


Wellness Hostel 4000 – Saas-Fee – Switzerland: sustainability, mountains, views, and uniqueness… what else could I ask for but going with great company?



I would stay somewhere on the west side of Canada… after just seeing a tonne of photo’s from there, the outside life  – on your bike or walking – just looks stunning. I’d stay with my friends, but if it had to be someone famous then Will Smith who’s done well in a lot of different things, or even someone like Bear Grylls, who I could learn some outdoors skills from.



For me, Leissigen Youth Hostel, Switzerland. The backdrop is beautiful and the hostel looks absolutely charming with its painted furniture and wonderful views.


 Where’s next to tick off on your travel bucket list? Share your travel plans with us in the comments below.

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