(English) New hostel: Say HI to our design hostel in Kortrijk, Belgium

avril 15, 2015

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I am really happy to read this blog, I am happy that you people have started a new and eco-friendly concept of Green Hostels. Actually, in present date it has become necessary to make such efforts which can benefit hostlers and also doesn’t harm our environment. I wish that I could also start this new concept soon for my hostel as well in order to provide a better atmosphere for girls living in it.

Hello, my name is David Breunesse :) I am an Australian and am due to be in Lille (Flanders) on the 16th November to get engaged to my lovely girlfriend who lives there in Lille. I plan to stay for some time and am negotiating my long stay visas with Belgium and French Consulates along with a work class B visa with Belgium Consulate. I am seeking part time employment during this time to supplement my stay. So i was wondering if you are in need of any staff that you could perhaps sponsor for a month or two?

lundi 5 octobre 2015 06:16

Wow! That is a really great concept of green hostel. Living in a hostel is a wonderful experience. I still remember my hostel days. The Green hostel concept is favorable for human beings.

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