Wake up somewhere new… Northern Europe!

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December 23, 2014

With a New Year unfolding in front of us like an un-plotted map of the future, we’re all resolving to start afresh and embark on new adventures. New Years’ resolutions mean finding a change of scenery, embracing new experiences, re-connecting with the people that mean the most, and forging new friendships for us to discover unexplored territory with for years to come.

Since we’re in love with seeing the world just like you, 2015 means making travel that much easier.

Say “good morning” to our 15 cities through our bloggers, local experts and world travellers…

Wake up in… Oslo

Scandinavian dreams become reality in Norway’s capital, combining the great outdoors with city life: Oslo’s very own fjord and lush green forests harmonise with museums, enlightening history and a buzzy nightlife; and with everything from Vikings to hiking to keep you entertained, what’s not to like?

Oslo Central     Oslo Haraldsheim        Oslo Airport     Oslo Holtekilen


Wake up in… Stockholm

Split into little islands, each piece of Stockholm will steal a piece of your heart. Endless successions of boutique shops and cafés, a historical Old Town, the Royal Palace and stylish, slick presentation make Sweden’s capital a mirage of beauty come true. Stay in a boat or even a jumbo jet with one of our travel-inspired hostels.

Stockholm Jumbo     Stockholm Gardet     Stockholm Långholmen     Stockholm Chapman     Stockholm Fridhemsplan

Stockholm Zinkensdamm     Stockholm Gallno     STF Stockholm     


Wake up in… Copenhagen

Our writers have helplessly fallen for Copenhagen, so let us take you around and show you what the big deal is. Brimming with confidence, this prosperity-filled Scandinavian city is easy to personify as a friend to the whole world.

Copenhagen City     Copenhagen Amager     Copenhagen Bellahoj


Wake up in… Paris

Awaken your senses in the European city of love: take advantage of local HI Membership deals and discounts to discover Paris’s best kept secrets and historical haunts. Go for characterful or eco-friendly with a stay in our Paris hostels.  Our blog author has lived in the city for years, – so she’ll lead the way.

Paris Yves Robert     Paris Le D’Artagnan     Paris Cite des Sciences     Paris Jules Ferry


Wake up in… London

London is not difficult to fall for. As one of the world’s most visited cities, bursting with history, culture, art and architecture, every one of London’s segments has a different character; so explore by foot or iconic red bus, get lost – and find yourself.

London Central     London Oxford St     London St Pancras     London Earls Court     London Thameside     London St Pauls    London Lee Valley


Wake up in… Amsterdam

Open your eyes to Amsterdam’s underbelly of fascinating quirks: cycle around the network of canals with discounted bike hire from our hostels, delve into European heritage, find odd shops and seek out hidden joys. Our Amsterdam Zeeburg hostel even has a cinema and a theatre. There’s much to be uncovered in this city of juxtapositions, so grab the chance.

Amsterdam Vondelpark     Amsterdam Stadsdoelen     Amsterdam Zeeburg


Wake up in… Brussels

Chic, cosmopolitan and shrouded in history, Belgium’s capital and a centre of the European Union offers a haven for immersing yourself in Northern European culture.  Fulfil dreams of sampling the world’s best chocolate, gaze at Art Nouveau buildings and enjoy unrivalled café culture.

Brussels Bruegel     Brussels Jacques Brel     Brussels Generation Europe


Wake up in… Bruges

Yawn, stretch, open your eyes – you’ve woken up in a Fairytale town. Pretty market squares lined with soaring turreted towers and churches – and there’s a whole lot of it to explore – so stick around and spend some time with Belgium’s most popular city. You will be charmed.

Bruges Europa     Bruges Brugge Dudzele


Wake up in… Munich

Good morning, Munich. Roll out of bed and step back in time in this stereotypically German city, where you can still find lederhosen-clad folks and enjoy Bavarian heritage, breathe in the alpine air, seek out the past, and hit the town when you’re done (ahem – Oktoberfest).

Munich Park     Munich City     Munich Dachau


Wake up in… Berlin

You won’t need to wake up in Berlin, because this city never sleeps. With a tangible history which will tug at your heart strings, cutting-edge culture and intense parties thrumming techno around the clock, Berliners love nothing more than a good time, so let the city carry you to new heights.

Berlin Youth Hostel International     Berlin Wannsee     Berlin Ernst Reuter


Wake up in… Hamburg

Germany’s wealthiest city certainly doesn’t hold back, and neither should you. Sometimes known as the ‘gateway to the world’, enter for harbour-side views, vibrant neighbourhoods, multi-cultural foods and waterway walks. As a huge port and city of opportunity, you never know what’s around the next corner.

Hamburg Auf dem Stintfang     Hamburg Horner Rennbahn


Wake up in… Reykjavík

An undeniable favourite, Reykjavik is a rare city which provides a snapshot and insight into Iceland’s unparalleled natural beauty. Get to know the lively culture and thriving music scene; see multi-coloured houses and feel the Nordic charm. If you’re lucky, glimpse the world’s elusive wonder, the Northern Lights.

Reykjavík Loft     Reykjavík City     Reykjavík Downtown


Wake up in… Helsinki

This Finnish sea-city has it spot on: scattered along the coastline, Helsinki’s heart is its harbour, and still holds the charm of being effortlessly cool. Tinged with irony at every turn, Finland’s clever use of humour is showcased here, along with the quirky charm which makes the city so loveable.

Helsinki Domus Academica     Helsinki Erottajanpuisto     Helsinki Eurohostel     Helsinki Stadion     Helsinki Cheapsleep     Helsinki Suomenlinna


Wake up in… Edinburgh

From medieval traditions dating back thousands of years, to emerging as a UK nightlife hub with a leading festival scene, Scotland’s capital has an event for everyone.  We’re giving you the lowdown straight from local experts so you can put your party plans in place over the coming weeks.

Edinburgh Central 


Wake up in… Antwerp

Antwerp is up there with the best in terms of impressive architecture and important landmarks, but you’d be mistaken for grouping Antwerp with other Belgian cities: the capital of cool, designed for art lovers, club-goers and diamond dealers, you’ll find cultural contrast at every cobbled step.

Antwerp Central Hostel 


So pick a city, pack your bags, say HI to the real hostelling experience.  


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