(English) Cold showers, cycling and girls: 1950s hostelling at its best!

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ottobre 24, 2013

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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And I have my best remembrances for the youth hostel in Finningham. A very small house. And I’m very curious if it still exists. It was really small, with a kind of winding staircase in it. Beautifull, I loved it immediately, and sure the old landlady has to do with that. But nowadays very probably impossile anymore.
In those days one ought to say “father/mother” to the “owners” of a youth hostel, ha, ha. I don’t know I did say this to this woman by the way.
In the fifty’s I had no other possibility than to cycle from Holland through Belgium and then from Dover to the area Holland to join an International Working Camp between Wisbich and Kings Lynn. I still dream very nice about this holiday. The way back with a severe lack of money I stayed for one night at the Salvation Army in London. They were very helpfull and for me it was also quite an experience.

Carol Dyer from NZ
14 novembre 2013 21:09

Loved this report. I first went youth hostelling when a friend and I cycled from Wellington to Foxton as 16 year olds (I’m surprised our mothers let us!!) We stayed in the then Foxton hostel (now non-existent) and started on the way to Wanganui. We got a lift on a vege truck with a friendly young man! and stayed in the Wanganui hostel for a couple of days. Oh the adventure but we decided it was too difficult cycling and stayed in Wanganui rather than continue on to New Plymouth. Bikes weren’t the streamlined models of today!
Cora Wilding first set up hostels in NZ and I have always been a hosteller, although less so now.

Evelyn Greenlaw
14 novembre 2013 23:02

I backpacked thru Europe in 1973 staying in hostels. Yes, cold showers (pay for hot) and wait outside the doors until they opened at 4pm. I remember entering one female dorm and washing my feet in the sink in the center of the room, only to be told later it was a bidet! To this day, I still don’t understand why it was surrounded by 4 sets of bunk beds…
I’m 60 and I still stay in hostels, especially in California!

wanda reimer
17 novembre 2013 00:20

I travelled to europe back in 1970 and 1971, staying a YHF hostels for 5 months on the continent and than staying at the Saney Guruji International hostel in Holland Park in London. I worked in London so I could see the rest of UK. It was the best time of my young life. Meeting friends from all over the world. Unforgettable experience. My bible was Frommers, budgeting on $10.00 a day. It cost me $2000.00 which included my ocean crossing from canada and return airfare from London.

I am 65 now and still hostelling. My latest venture was going to Australia and making new friends,My age group and older, are still travelling in full force.. they have awesome hostels there. Planning on going again with my daughter and seeing more of that beautiful continent.

I have a photograph of Jerusalem Farm YH on a post card. On the back of the card is written the date of my visit – 17th Nov 1951, at which time I would have been 14 years old.
Unfortunately I have not been able to paste the photo with these comments.
If anyone visited about this time no doubt you will remember the gypsy caravan parked outside and Diane !
It was a very basic hostel but that was all part of the enjoyment . Now they all seem to be five star.

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