(English) Your Prague and Krakow Travel Guide from HI Hostels

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juillet 29, 2013

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I just think it is not humanly possible not to be amazed by Krakow. I’ve travelled a lot and I can tell you if you didn’t fall in love with Krakow you just happened to see the cities in one of the few days in the year it doesn’t look stunning. Maybe it was raining, maybe there was some big concert messing up the market square, or maybe it was a bad feeling of yours ruining the fairy tale scenario, but one thing’s for sure: Krakow, and Poland, are majoritarily underrated destinations. I don’t know what was your personal experience, maybe someone’s bragged way too much to you about it – but that just shouldn’t be a reason to write a whole post about. Hope next time you go to Krakow you see it with different eyes, it gets prettier and prettier each year

I just can’t get enough of Prague. You listed some excellent tips but this still is a tiny fraction of what the city has to offer it’s visitors. I used a great, interactive guide book that was written by locals when I traveled to Prague last month. I highly recommend it. http://www.prague.schulz.cz/

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