(English) How to stay healthy whilst travelling

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6 18, 2013

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I agree with the points here. But hostels in India (YHA) most of them don’t have kitchen facilities or even online booking. Online booking would have been of great help.

on the shoes people may be interested in Vibrams these shoes are much smaller that conventional running shoes, are designed to improve form & ability, and can be chucked in the washing machine. Just wear them in a lot before you go away as your feet / muscles will need to get used to them.. to check the out: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/running_mens.htm

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2013年06月22日 04:38

Marta Kurczab this is really important to choose a hostel that’s have kitchen facilities. Runing is one of the best exercise that’s a good point.

With the kitchen facilities at hostels, I sometimes try the local cuisines by buying the ingredients (such as marinated meat with local spices) at the supermarket, and cook at the hostel. Another way of trying the local cuisines with lower budget.

Even if you keep it simple – when I visited France I found the supermarket, and invested in a 12pk of croissants, a small wheel of cheese, and a chorizo sausage. Basically I would stay in France for 3/4 days, so the idea was to divide what I had to fit the amount of meals/days – ie I think I may have had 2 croissants per meal for example, the breakfasts were usually included, and then there was one or two meals where I tried something local. The benefit of this 1) I paced myself, 2) I ate local food 3) cheese tastes better unrefrigerated (I didnt have access to a fridge) 4) I could pre-prepare it and eat on the run, 5)and I didnt feel like I was staving myself.
I was also getting plenty of exercise doing walking tours and dashing from place to place on the train.


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