(English) 100% eco-sustainable hostel opening in the heart of Paris

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Mai 30, 2013

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

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Please do give us more information on the connectivity to your hostel such as Metropolitan, RER, SNFC and the possible cost for a guest to reach from-eg-Champ Elisse ( May be Kennedy).Also most important is the directions from CDG airport, Gar-Du N-Gar-Du-S-Gar De Est- etc. SNCF Stations with luggage facilities and eating establishments for budget travelers.I have traveled widely in France and I live in Asia.If requested, I will give you more help.

Hi Ashraff, You can find more information about this hostel on here http://www.hihostels.com/dba/hostels-Paris—Pajol-020192.en.htm#tabs=0. Hope it will help :)

Hostels are getting very expensive.

Hi Violets, the hostel is in the middle of Paris and provides breakfast so in comparison to other quality accommodation options that are superbly located it’s a preatty good price :)

This is really great! Hostels are known as great places to stay while traveling. This is very exciting that a new hostel is opening in Paris. Paris is such a nice place to live in.

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