(English) Why Backpackers Love Colombia

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4 18, 2013
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申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 English のみです。


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I miss arepas and the Colombian portable restaurants, they are amazing! :) It is a wonderful country for sure, worth discovering, whether backpacking or not. You just have to takethe precautions and everything will be wonderful! There is so much to discover in Latin America I will probably never get tired of going back.

Andres Rodriguez
2013年05月05日 01:47

Un muy buen comentario. Oportuno por cierto, pues aca en mi pais el cual he conocido bastante, y me falta aun mas por descubrir es espectacular, muy diverso e interesante.
Economico y facil de viajar.
Comida deliciosa.
Lugares impresionantes desde lo profundo del mar en el caribe hasta las cumbres de la sierra nevada y del parque de los nevados a mas de 4.300 msnm.
Selvas, llanos y sobretodo ciudades importates en montanas.
Cultura y personas.
Es mas que malas noticias y el lastre del mal trato periodistico de hace dos decadas.

caño cristales
2013年06月11日 01:37

It is truly a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Excelente artículo, narra experiencias comunes y reales de nuestra cultura, nuestra gente y nuestra vida diaria. Una nota que sirve de guía y motivación para otros viajeros. Muchas gracias por tan buen artículo. Bienvenidos siempre a Colombia, uno de los países más hermosos del mundo.

Patricia Mendez
2013年08月06日 19:37

Fui a colombia un año atras y creo que es de los lugares mas fabulosos que he conocido. El art{iculo de ustedes lo describe muy bien. Espero poder ir el proximo año. Extraño las Arepas.


Good article. As a foreigner who has lived in Bogotaa long time (and been all over the country), much of what you say is true. Its all about the arepas. However….two things must be said. This volcano for mud baths is a 100% tourist attraction. I am sitting here in my international IB school asking teachers about it right now, and they say that Colombians dont care about it…it is a recently created tourist attraction for foreigners. It may be on a must do list….but not on any Colombian´s must do list, or even posible to do list. Some had never heard of it. Another issue: I have heard foreigners claim and believe that they NEED to be able to dance, especially salsa, in order to have a good night out in Colombia. This is not true. Colombians do not give a rats ass if you dance or not. If you like dancing and WANT to dance, go for it. But by no means should people feel they NEED to learn only because they HAVE to. Just about ALL the foreigners I know do not know how to dance, rarely attempt it (because the Colombians are just too good at it) and it doesnt affect where we go, how our nights play out, or what kind of people we meet.

Timmy o Toole
2014年12月06日 04:19

You forgot to mention how great the tacos are here….taco stands and burrito stands on every corner.

Hotel en Cali
2015年02月17日 22:40

Cali is not only the capital of salsa, also it has a strong sport culture, no wonder why is called the sporting capital of America.

Bogota to Medellin bus
2016年03月20日 20:35

It’s also quite affordable to get around in Colombia.


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