(English) Bangkok Wins Best City Award 2012 from Travel + Leisure Magazine

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8 23, 2012

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 English のみです。

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rajeeva mohan
2012年09月10日 17:37

butiful pictures

Thank you :)

Best City, You have to be kidding! Who voted the people living there?
It is alright but not near the top of any list in my book.

Hi Bob,

The people who voted were from Travel & Leisure Magazine.

saber sharqawi
2012年09月17日 18:02

nice place but please provide us with rate one double thanks

The Travel Team
2018年10月18日 02:04

Indeed it is undeniably beautiful and enchanting place. The reason it was awarded as Best City Award 2012 from Travel + Leisure. Congratulations!


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