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Uruguay Uncovered

March 06, 2012

Uruguay is a small, proud country nestelled between Brazil and Argentina in South America. Whether you fancy windsurfing along golden sandy beaches; bathing in warm thermal springs or simply walking along cobbled streets overlooked by incredible colonial buildings, Uruguay is your dream destination.

Here is a collage of some of the great hostels we have in Uruguay and just a glimpse of the many attractions, places to visit and free things to do while you are there.

* Vuvox Uruguay Collage courtesy of Agostinho Pereira. Click here to see the Extended Version.

El Viajero Manantiales Hostel Punta del Este

Punta del Este - El Viajero Manantiales Hostel staff

Punta del Este is the most cosmopolitan beach of South America and has plenty of activities to do during both summer and winter! Have dinner in the hostel, every night a different meal! Asado (BBQ), tacos, pizzas, chivitos and more! And after, have a drink with the guests in our bar, with games and happy hour!

Free activities include visiting Punta Ballena and Casa Pueblo’s House, Lussich Arboretum and the picturesque Port.

To make a booking please visit our El Viajero Manantiales Hostel page.

We also have more Photos and a great Video of this hostel.

For more information, visit El Viajero Manantiales Hostel Website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


El Viajero Brava Beach Hostel & Suites Punta del Este

Punta del Este - El Viajero Brava Beach Hostel

Conveniently located in the heart of Punta del Este, three blocks away from the bus station and also from the ‘Brava Beach’ where the famous ‘hand’ is.  Downtown main attractions include Gorlero Avenue, The Yacht Port and its never ending nightlife, the lighthouse, and Punta delEste´s most popular beaches: Brava Beach and Mansa Beach.

To make a booking please visit our El Viajero Brava Beach Hostel & Suites page.

We also have more Photos and this fantastic Video of the hostel.

For more information, visit Brava Beach Hostel & Suites Website and join them on Facebook and Twitter.


El Viajero Downtown Hostel & Suites / Montevideo

Montevideo - El Viajero Downtown Hostel & Suites

El Viajero Downtown Hostel & Suites is conveniently located in the heart of Montevideo: two blocks away from our most important Avenue 18 de Julio and only 10 minutes away from Montetvideo’s main attractions. Near the nicest squares of our city (Plaza Cagancha, Plaza del Entrevero, Plaza Independencia and Plaza Matriz) and 10 minutes walk away from the beach.

Free Things to Do:

  • Panoramic View from Torre de las Telecomunicaciones. The best view of Montevideo.
  • Visit the Old Town & Antique Market Plaza Matriz.
  • Visit Prado: A traditional neighbourhood in Montevideo where you can also visit Botanic Garden, Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden for free.
  • Flee Markets: Tristan Narvaja Market on Sundays and Plaza Matriz Market on Fridays and Saturdays!


To make a booking please visit our El Viajero Downtown Hostel & Suites page

We also have more Photos of the hostel along with this great Video.

For more information, visit El Viajero Downtown Hostel Website.

You can also find this hostel on both Facebook and Twitter!


Hostel Colonia: El Galope hostel & farm

Estancia - Hostel Colonia El Galope

El Galope hostel & farm is a small hostel in the middle of the countryside in a great location. It is just on the way from Colonia to Montevideo. Most of the tourists which come to Uruguay come through Colonia crossing Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aries.

There are several things which make this hostel different and outstanding.

  • The hostel is only for 10 people. The personalised attention we give to our guests which you can notice from our comments guests post
  • Ideal for relaxation, in the middle of the country surrounded by nature & birds
  • Close to Rio de la Plata beach and the town
  • Excellent home-made meals with products from our own farm
  • Horseback riding and finish sauna
  • Ecological including waste recycling and sun water heaters


To make a booking please visit our El Galope Hostel & Farm page.

Check out these great Photos of this hostel.

For more information, visit El Galope hostel & farm Website and become a Facebook Fan!


El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel (Montevideo)

Montevideo - El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel

Montevideo is a great city to visit in any time of the year. Because it’s many activities all around the city guarantees many fun and diversity of activities. Check out some of them here and choose the ones you prefer.

  • Asado + Tango Class: Fridays Night at the Hostel
  • Museums: Carnival Museum, Oceanographic Museum, Alquimista Museum, Torres García Museum, Juan Manuel Blanes
  • Guided Visit to Palacio Legislativo
  • Futbol Museum, get to know Estadio Cententario, the host of the World Cup 1930.
  • Guided Visit to Solis Theatre
  • Rent a Bike and discover our 30km of beautiful coastline.
  • City Tour of Montevideo and from Montevideo to Punta del Este!
  • La Bodeguita del Sur: Learn some Salsa on Wednesday Night and have some drinks as well!


To make a booking please visit our El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel page.

We also have more great Photos of this hostel along with this Video too.

You can also follow El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel on Twitter.


El Viajero Colonia Hostel & Suites

Colonia - El Viajero Hostel & Suites

If you are visiting us in summer have a swim in Playa Ferrando and take a walk along the beach. If you like history you can visit the old city feeling its colonial style in every step.

Visit the museums and rent a golf car and visit the Bullring! You can also visit the President Vacational Residence, Anchorena Park; and if you like visiting vineyards take ask for a tour to a Granja Arenas and Benardi Winery, where you will see some Guinnes Collections and taste one of the best wines of the area.

To make a booking please visit our Colonia Hostel & Suites page.

This is a great hostel, just checkout these Photos and this fantastic Video.

El Viajero Colonia Hostel & Suites are also on Facebook and Twitter.





Unplugged Hostel Suites Centro

Montevideo - Unplugged Hostel Suites Centro

This hostel is the only hostel in town that is really close to Montevideo’s Bus Station, only six blocks away. We say this is a different hostel because it has the characteristics of a hotel and it works like a hostel. Rooms are big (2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 beds) and all of them have their bathroom inside the dorm. Every day there is an activity starting at 7.00 pm, BBQs, poker nights and some activities outside the hostel like every Sunday going to Candombe drumps and concerts or special events in the city, all for FREE with a staff member as a guide! If you don’t like to party all the time you can stay and rest in the fifth floor terrace which offers amazing views of Montevideo!

To make a booking please visit our Unplugged Hostel Suites Centro page.

Here are some more Photos of this wonderful hostel.

For more information, visit Hostel Suites Centro Website.

They also have lively Facebook and Twitter pages!


Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo - Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

A smaller hostel, full of character and with that atmosphere that makes guests feel perfectly at home. One the best things about this hostel is that it is located only 5 blocks away from the beach! There is a new BBQ area where we make BBQs (asado) every day, most of the time parties start there and finishes 5.00 or 6.00 am in a local pub in Pocitos.  If you come to Montevideo, Unplugged Pocitos is the best option to relax on the beach during the day and drink some beers and have fun at night!

To make a booking please visit our Unplugged Hostel Pocitos page.

Here are some more Photos of hostel Pocitos!

Hostel Pocitos has a great Website and can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Unplugged Hostel Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo - Unplugged Hostel Diablo

A special hostel due to the people who work there. Its location and the magical things that this little town has, Punta del Diablo mixes tranquility during the day with parties at night. This town has been chosen for thousands of Uruguayans as the most popular summer beach town. The hostel is located just two blocks away from the beach, where you can sunbathe and surf. It is also is very close to downtown, supermarket and the ATM. Once you are in Uruguay you can’t miss this fantastic experience!

To make a booking please visit our Unplugged Hostel Punta del Diablo page.

What a fantastic location for a hostel – just take a look at these Photos.

For more information, checkout Punta del Diablo Website and also their Facebook and Twitter pages.

We think Uruguay is a wonderful destination. If you like Uruguay Uncovered, please feel free to share with your friends !!

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