(English) The Hostelling International Hostel Awards Hi-5ives!

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novembre 30, 2011

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Blooms Boutique Hostel
samedi 3 décembre 2011 16:27

It’s very interesting that you have such awards – how many years have you had this award ceremony?

I also really like the idea that the winners are based on feedback left on the website – however – do you think this disenfranchises those who do not use the internet for whatever reason?

Hi-5ives: the Hostelling International Hostel Awards - Hostel Management Forums
samedi 3 décembre 2011 22:14

[…] I just saw in the HI blog (hihostels.com) that Hostelling International is changing the name of their awards to the "Hi-5ives". The Hi-5ives! are now made up of prizes in five categories: Most […]

Hi Blooms Boutique Hostel, thanks for your comment. You have a valid point, I guess not everyone does have access to the internet or email but we see this as the best way to capture as much feedback as possible.

As a global organisation spread across so many different countries and using multi languages the online format helps us to collect people’s views quickly and economically (no need for paper forms and postage stamps!).

HI ratings cards are sent by email 4 days after departure and remain valid indefinitely leaving the customer able to feedback at leisure. In the instance where a booking has been made at a hostel and the customer wouldn’t receive the ratings e-card the HI International Office based in the UK does receive phonecalls and letters about their experiences and we feed both positive and the constructive criticism back to the hostels, but obviously these don’t count towards the online ratings.

Hope this is has been an interesting insight, if you have any ideas about our ratings process we’d love to hear from you.

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