(English) Regions of Spain Part 1: Andalucia to the Basque Country

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maio 24, 2011

Desculpe-nos, mas este texto esta apenas disponível em Español, Français, Deutsch y English.


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There are some mistakes in the post:

Andalusia is not the largest region of Spain, it’s only the 2nd: the biggest is “Castilla y León”, in the north-west of Spain.

The first picture of Asturias doesn’t show the village of “Vegadeo”, but “Castropol”. It’s the view from the “parador” in Ribadeo, already in Galicia, with the huge river which is going to arrive to the sea. In Vegadeo, the river is pretty smaller and it’s not in a peninsula as Castropol is.

Hi César,

Thanks for the corrections and inproving my knowledge too!


would like some history on the town Torla


Sorry but I never visited Torla when I lived in Spain. It doesn’t look a large town but does look pretty :)

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